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  • NIC approved domestic EV specialist installers
  • Full risk assessment for a safe system and installation
  • Help applying for £350 EVHS government grants
  • User-friendly Car Charged UK network and mobile app to efficiently find EVCPs and pay

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Key facts for EVCP customers

  • Always choose a specialist, registered EV charge provider because your EV plug can be a fire risk if installed incorrectly
  • A special high-power charger point is recommended for EV vehicles in line with wiring regulations
  • The standard lead on a three-pin plug is not meant for constant use, which can result in over heating

The Car Charged UK network and mobile app

The Car Charged UK network and mobile app gives you great coverage and access to the EVCPs you need wherever you’re driving and want to charge.

  • Access over 65,000 EVCPs across the UK and Europe
  • Locate and book EVCPs in advance
  • Find secure and flexible ways to pay
  • Get discounted rates using the app’s prepayment system

Six easy steps to EVCP installation

  • 1. Phone up to order your EVCP installation
  • 2. Complete the Car Charged UK application
  • 3. Our Car Charged UK specialist will carry out a risk assessment
  • 4. We’ll find the best place for your charger according to your power supply and car location
  • 5. The charger is secured and a cable is run from the unit to the mains power supply
  • 6. The unit is activated and your specialist will show you how it works

Specialist. Certified. Trusted.

  • Technology Partners

  • Industry Certifications

  • Car Charged UK achieves ISO 9001 accreditation
  • Car Charged UK achieves ISO 14001 accreditation

The Car Charged UK network and mobile app gives you access to thousands of EVCPs across the UK and around Europe.

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