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The Car Charged UK network and mobile app gives you access to thousands of electric vehicle charging points (EVCPs) across the UK and around Europe. They are all connected to your customer account as part of a wider EV charging network.

Locate charging points, pre-reserve your station, pay and charge your electric vehicle. Fast.

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  • Benefit from discounted rates when you prepay using your Car Charged UK RFID card or keyring.
  • Alternatively connect to our network through roaming where standard rates apply.
  • You’ll need sufficient funds on your customer account to start charging.
  • The app means you’ll have your account details and current balance at your fingertips.
  • Or choose pay-as-you-go for one-time payments at all our charging points.

Join our network

Register to create your Car Charged UK account. Gain discounted rates when you prepay and use our network.


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Find tips on how to manage your customer account and payment


Find a station

Find and book any EVCPs station on our network across the UK and Europe.

Find a Station

Our Electric Vehicle Charge Point specialists advise and guide you

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