General Questions

1. Do I need to sign up to charge?

You do not have to sign up for our service to use public charge points. If your charging needs are sporadic and you do not wish to register , you can use our one-time payment option to pay for your charge with a payment card.

Use the page to find the charge point you wish to you and follow the instructions on your screen. We recommend that you sign up for our service, since charging is easier and cheaper for registered users.

For Private chargers, you must have the appropriate permission to use the charger

2. Where can I see the price of charging?

Up to date pricing information of charging points is always available through the Car Charged UK mobile application for each location. Price shown on the moment the charge is started will be used for the charging session

Please note that prices may differ if you're using one-time

3. Solutions to some of the most common issues you might encounter while charging:

Can't start charging?  - A charge start might get rejected for a few common reasons. First, check your payment options and make sure that your payment details are up to date. This can be easily checked via the Car Charged UK app.

If everything is OK with your payment details, please check and reconnect the charging cable.

There might be a connection issue between your car and the charger. We recommend you try this a few times, to give the charger a few chances to connect with our platform.

If the charger is private, please make sure you’ve been pre-authorized to charge at this location.

Can't stop charging? – There might be a connection issue between your car and the charger. We recommend you try this a few times, to give the charger a few chances to connect with our platform.

Can't release the cable? –  All EV’s/PHEV’s have a built-in cable release mechanism. Using the central locking system to lock and unlock your car often releases the cable, which in turn usually makes the charger release the cable. If the charger is unresponsive even after releasing the cable from your car, please give us a call.

4. How does Car Charged UK handle security?

We secure our services in multiple ways: The platform we use is accredited to ISO27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 for Security, the security tests are performed by an independent party. We also reduce the risk by storing only the mandatory data and letting our partners handle their area of expertise such as PCI-DSS or PKI operations. The target is to have a service which can be used at any time of the day without a need to worry about the data security.

5. Another car is blocking the charging station?

There is a simple rule for using recharging points and parking in the parking lot: the recharging point is for rechargeable vehicles and their charging. Unfortunately, this rule is sometimes still unclear to the other drivers or the car parked at the charging station

You can contact us via the email and we will forward your message to the owner of the charging station or site owner.


6. What should I do if the cable is stuck?

In rare occasions charging cable may end up stuck inside charger's socket. This may happen due to charger malfunction or connection time out. If this happens don't panic and firstly try stop charger event via mobile app, RFID or one-time-payment website. If this doesn't help try to unlock and lock cable from your car's side. Gently try to remove the cable from the socket, some charger manufactures have rather tight sockets on their devices.

If none of the solutions above helps, please call our incident hotline:

Car Charged UK 24/7 Incident hotlines:

UK: 0330 1359 911

7. The charge event cannot be started. What can I do?

There are few reasons that charge event cannot be started. Please consider these before calling our incident hotline.

  1. Make sure that cable is properly connected to the charging station and vehicle. Sometimes re-plugging solves the issue.
  2. If you're using RFID, try to authenticate again to the charging station
  3. If you're using mobile app, try to close the app and re-start the charging event
  4. Check your customer account balance in the app.
  5. Some chargers are only for private use and requires a separate permission from charge-point-owner. If you think you should have access to use the charger, please contact owner or manager of the charger. Charger is often related to workplace or facility where the charger is located in.
  6. Some chargers may be temporarily offline and requires maintenance, please try again at a later time when charger is brought back online.

8. Did you find a broken charging station?

If you find out that the charging station you're trying to use is malfunctioning or broken, please do not try to fix it yourself! There's a risk you'll hurt yourself or others.

Please contact us at Car Charged UK support. Try to be as specific as possible when reporting the issue. This way we can ensure faster support times. Our support service will alert the local maintenance person who will check the station on-site for possible issues!

Please contact support if you have any questions about charging stations or their functionality!

9. Why is my car charging slower than the maximum speed?

When charging, the EV and the charger are in constant discussion with each other in regards to how much power can be delivered. The speed of charging depends on many factors and in many cases the maximum power of the charging device is not reached constantly.

The following things affect the charging power:

  1. State and condition of the battery
  2. Onboard charger of the vehicle
  3. Electric grid state
  4. Load balancing of the location
  5. Temperature

10. My car is fully charged. Can I leave it connected to the charger?

When your electric vehicle's battery is fully charged, current flow is automatically stopped so it won't cause damage to your car's battery?

Please be mindful of others when using charge points. Most charging points are meant for charging, and not long term parking. Some charge points might have a time-based pricing model that encourages EV drivers to relinquish the use of the charger when the battery is full. Please note that you will in these cases be billed even after the battery is full, should you continue to occupy the charger.

11. Does the charging fee include parking?

Despite the fact that many public chargers have a pricing model that is based both on the amount of energy charged and the time spent at the charger, the parking fee sometimes are included unless specifically mentioned. If you're unsure, please consult the building or site management and follow their guidelines.

Accounts and Payments

12. What can I do with the Car Charged UK mobile app?

With the Car Charged UK mobile application you can:

  1. start and stop charging events
  2. see details about your ongoing charging event
  3. see where and when you have been charging and manage your user account.

You can now also order yourself an RFID keychain & card via the app!

Please remember that the app is constantly developed and new features are added frequently to make your charging experience even more enjoyable and stable. We recommend you to keep the application updated on your phone and make sure you have the latest version installed!

You can get the Car Charged UK app our mobile Android iOS

13. I was billed incorrectly after a charge event. How can I correct this?

If you think that you have been billed incorrectly after charging on a station, please call us on our incident hotline or by contact via email. Incorrect billing usually happens when the charger encounters an error and goes offline during the charging event. We will reimburse your account accordingly if the event is deemed faulty!

14. How do I add balance to my prepaid account?

Your Car Charged UK account balance is automatically topped up when the balance is less than £10. When starting a charging session with an account balance of less than £10, a £15 top-up is transferred from your payment card to your Car Charged UK account. Please note that for the top up to work there must be a valid payment card linked to your Car Charged UK account.

You can also manually add account balance through the customer portal. Log in to the customer portal with your credentials and on the main page you will see a button for adding balance. You can choose the desired amount and proceed after which the amount is transferred from your payment card to your Car Charged UK account.

15. How do I view my receipt of the payment?

You can find the receipt of the payment in your Account History by logging in to your customer portal.

16. What does verifying my email mean?

After you have registered as a Car Charged UK customer, you are required to authenticate your email address to verify your account. Car Charged UK will automatically send a link to the email address you used during registration. That email contains a link that allows you to verify your customer account.

Customers are required to verify their accounts within seven (7) days after registration or Car Charged UK system automatically disable the account. If your account was disabled, you are required to contact Car Charged UK Support to re-enable your account. When your account is disabled, you cannot use Car Charged UK services.

Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported by Car Charged UK system and may cause issues.

17. I've forgotten my password

You can request a password reset at any time from the Car Charged UK mobile application. After filling in your email address, you will be sent instructions on how to reset your password.

You can also reset the password via browser in the Car Charged UK customer portal.

If the email does not arrive within few minutes, please check your spam folder.

If you encounter problems with the password reset, please contact our customer support.

Please note that Internet Explorer is not a supported browser anymore, so you may encounter issues when trying to reset the password with Explorer.

18. Where can I find my charging history?

You can find your charging history in the mobile application by opening the History menu in the Profile view.

You can also see your charging event history from the customer portal. You can log in to the customer portal with the same credentials you use to log in to the Car Charged UK mobile app

19. What does the prepaid account mean?

Car Charged UK customer account works with prepaid model where during registration an initial balance of £15 is added from your payment card to your charging account. All the charging events are billed from this account balance, meaning that no separate payments are made from the payment card for every charging session.

Whenever your charging account balance falls below £10, a top-up of £15 is made from your payment card to your account. This way there is no need to follow up on the account balance and you will always have enough funds for charging.

If you wish to stop the recurring payments, you can at any point remove your payment card from your account. No new payments are made, yet bear in mind that your account balance can now drain blocking you from charging when there is a need.

20. How do I update my payment card information?

You can update your payment card information in the customer portal. After logging in, go to Account information.

If you don't have a payment card on record, click on "Add payment card". You will then be redirected to Payment Highway's portal where you can add your card information securely.

If you already have a payment card on record, you must first delete the existing one to add a new one. Click "Remove payment card" and confirm. Once the card has been removed from your account the button will change to "Add payment card". You will then be redirected to Payment Highway's portal where you can add your card information securely.

21. How do I cancel my Car Charged UK account?

We're sad to hear that you would like to cancel your account!

To cancel your account, please remove your payment card in the customer portal to stop automatic payments.

NOTE! You can either choose to use your account until the balance runs out, or ask to be reimbursed for the remainder of your prepaid balance. Please use the contact form and tell us how you'd like to proceed.

22. How can I register as a Car Charged UK customer?

Nice to have you on board!

You can register as Car Charged UK customer here and after providing some basic information about yourself, you need to verify your account. After that you are good to go!

You can also create a new account easily via the mobile application.

23. How to contact Car Charged UK ?

We’re always here to help if you have any issues during your charging journey. You can find solutions for the most common issues right here at the bottom of this article. If you cannot find the answer to your issue here, you’re always welcome to give us a call at any time. You can reach our around-the-clock phone support from the following numbers:

For any urgent Car Charged enquiries, please email or call us on 01623 707014. Our line is open Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm.

You can also create a new account easily via the mobile application.