Our vision
the complete
Electric Vehicle Charge Point package


It is our global approach encompassing all aspects of experience and operation which makes us the complete EV charging package. Our business vision consists of key elements, which must come together to achieve long-lasting success with a reliable, scalable and sustainable network as EV adoption grows.

    • A robust Ev infrastructure

    • A high risk Ev infrastructure

    • Technology

    • We advise you on the best solution and one that is completely fit for purpose for your sites to ensure safety, longevity and maximum uptime.
    • Restricted to specific, cheaper, lower-end technologies, not those that are the best fit for the job in terms of quality, reliability or lifespan.
    • Business Model

    • We are not tied to one supplier. We use a range of carefully selected, high-end technology partners.

      We offer a range of flexible lease and purchase options to suit your Electric Vehicle charging installation budget and plans.

      We are backed by private equity investment
      to ensure our long-term strategy.

    • Tied to specific suppliers and partnership agreements, where short-term cost is often the only consideration.

      No choice in payment options so they cannot be matched to your budget strategy.

      New Electric Vehicle Charge Point installation providers with no proven track record with a precarious financial position and tested solutions.

    • Installation expertise

    • We have the expertise to advise you on how best to adapt, upgrade and maximise your infrastructure.
    • Install-and-go EV charging suppliers, with
      no strategic understanding to design and futureproof your EV infrastructure
    • User experience

    • We make sure that your end users have
      the best possible experience via proven technologies including the Car Charged UK network and mobile app.
    • A poor user experience, unsupported by a tested app, making it difficult to do key tasks such as find EV charging points, pay and reserve a space.
    • back office support

    • We’re committed to ensuring the operational life of your EV charging infrastructure in
      order to keep equipment in top condition.
      We have the expertise and resources to
      offer 24/7/365 hassle-free, remote,
      multi-site support and aftercare for reactive and planned maintenance and replacement
      of equipment.
    • No planned aftercare, lacking processes for preventive services and maintenance of equipment – restricts the operational life of your EV charging infrastructure and increases the increase of a poor user experience.
    • Open network

    • We enable other EV charging installers to
      join our network to ensure capacity and reach for our customers.
    • A closed, single-vendor network, restricting growth and scalability of the network.

The Car Charged UK network and mobile app gives you access to thousands of EVCPs across the UK and around Europe.

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Car Charged
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Car Charged UK’s EVCP consultancy services and delivery of an end-to-end solution including design and installation proved to be invaluable.

Their expertise ensured the best combination of rapid and fast charge stations for the many customers coming and going from this popular retail park. The team made sure that the project ran smoothly and with no disruption to business.

Owen McLaughlin, Director - Errigal Investment Ltd

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