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Our electric vehicle (EV) devices are installed all over the UK, for commercial, workplace and home charging. We install charging points to suit all electric vehicles

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  • Commercial

  • Workplace

  • Domestic

EV charging makes business sense

  • Save money and fuel
  • Attract more customers
  • Futureproof now because it will pay

Why Car Charged UK? The whole EV package

  • Trusted EV installation suppliers to the biggest names in retail, leisure and council-run services
  • Hassle-free EV installation + ongoing maintenance packages
  • Cutting-edge, cost-saving technology
  • Certified EV specialists leading the way

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Free equipment and installation for a limited period only.

Includes yearly maintenance fees, maintenance and back office

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Car Charged enables drivers to locate and update EV charge points in UK & Ireland; with advice, help, and tools on charging points and electric vehicles.

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Did you know? The future
of UK electric vehicles is now

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  • Around 300 new EV charging devices are installed every
    month across the UK
  • 60% of new car and van sales will be electric by 2030
  • The UK Government will require a minimum of 1.7 million
    electric vehicles to be in service by 2023
  • There is a national commitment to reducing conventional fuel
    demand by 80% and car emissions by 75% by 2030
  • You can get up to 140 miles per gallon instead of 40 with a hybrid car
  • Electric cars are exempt from congestion charges in major cities
  • By 2035 there will be more electric cars worldwide than fuel-powered cars

*Sources: Systra and Zap Map