Energy Solutions

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  • Solar photovoltaics to generate sustainable electricity

  • Solar carports to maximise your car parking space

  • Energy Storage Systems to store electricity for use at a later date

  • Both wired and wireless EV charging equipment

So what is CCUK Energy Solutions?

CCUK Energy Solutions focuses on the entire energy infrastructure of your project. We are able to offer Solar PV, Solar Carports, Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and EV charging equipment in the same installation creating a renewable, circular energy economy on your site. By use and integration of these systems we are able to generate sustainable, net zero electricity on site which can be fed into a battery and stored for when you want to use it, one such case is through an EV charger which can be used to top up your vehicle.

Solar Carports

Solar PV generates renewable energy
A Solar Carport is a roof which holds Solar PV infrastructure above a car parking space. This generates electricity during the day through converting light energy from the suns rays into electricity that can be fed to the grid, battery or used on site.

Energy STorage Systems (ESS)

Store electricity for later use
ESS means that the electricity generated during the day from Solar can be stored and used later when you need it. This means that overnight when there is no sun there is energy from earlier during the day available for you to use to top up your vehicle.

The circular energy economy:

  • Step 1:
    Generating electricity

    • Sunlight is a sustainable energy source and during the day is abundant
    • Sunlight strikes the Solar PV system which sits on top of the carport
    • The PV array generates electricity which is then fed elsewhere
  • Step 2:
    Storing the electricity

    • Electricity generated by the carports Solar PV array is fed into an ESS
    • This system is onsite and fills with electricity during the day
    • This electricity is stored for later when the PV array cannot generate electricity
  • Step 3:
    Use the electricity

    • Later in the day you need to top up your vehicle with electricity
    • The EV charger beneath the carport draws electricity from the ESS
    • You are using sustainable electricity generated earlier that day