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Our global approach encompasses all aspects of experience and operation, making CCUK: the complete EV charging package

Our vision is to achieve a reliable, scalable and sustainable network supporting the growth of EV adoption. These elements encompass all areas of the industry, ensuring we consider every area that may impact our customers in order to provide the best possible offering.


    • Technology

    • We advise the best energy solution for your project to ensure safety, longevity and maximum uptime.

    • Business Model

    • We are not tied to one supplier and use a range of carefully selected, high-end technology partners. We offer a range of flexible lease and purchase options to suit your installation budget and requirement. We are backed by private equity investment, ensuring our long-term strategy.

    • Installation expertise

    • We have the specialist knowledge to advise you on how to best adapt, upgrade and maximise your energy infrastructure.

    • User experience

    • We ensure your end users have the optimum experience via tested technologies including the CCUK network and mobile app.

    • Back office support

    • We are committed to maximising the operational life of your EV charging infrastructure in order to keep equipment in top condition. We have the expertise and resources to
      offer 24/7 multi-site support and aftercare for reactive or planned maintenance and replacement of equipment.

    • Open network

    • We enable other EV charging installers to join our network, enabling capacity and reach for our customers.