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  • Future proof your business as EV policy and building regulations change
  • Scale from one electric vehicle charging point (EVCP) to thousands at the pace you need
  • Attract more visitors with the EV charging points more they want
  • Gain new revenue streams with advertising and chargeable energy usage – By Monetizing your EVCP charge per KWH of usage to end users – Brand, Promote and advertise your EVCP as a Charge Point Operator
  • Gain additional revenue streams with advertising using our Media EV charging station
  • Get flexible pricing options – to suit your business and budget

  • Destination

  • Workplace

  • Domestic

Why choose Car Charged UK?

We’re an electric vehicle charging point (EVCP) installation consultancy, it means…

  • We’re a specialist, certified provider offering guidance on the design, planning and futureproofing of your EVCP charging infrastructure
  • We have a trusted track record with commercial customers operating, large, complex sites
  • We offer the complete package of end-to-end services – from design, installation, back-office, maintenance and help desk
  • We lead the way with cutting-edge, cost-saving technology
  • We have expertise in EVCP delivery for destination places including pubs, restaurants, cinemas and tourist attractions

The future of electric vehicles is now

Key facts for destination places

  • By 2022 we expect there to be over 1 million EV drivers in the UK
  • A ban on petrol and diesel cars is coming into force by 2032
  • Changes to building regulations will make electric vehicle charge points (EVCPs) a must for all new buildings
  • You need the right specification to meet building regulations – a minimum of 7.7 kw EVCP fast charge
  • Car park owners with >20 car park spaces prepare for compliance before the introduction of new government policy enforcing EVCP and unfractured upgrade, plan now and save later

Your complete EVCP package

  • Advice tailored to your site + future plans
  • Site survey
  • Proposal + suitable, best-in-class technology
  • Installation + commissioning
  • Training + guidance
  • On-going maintenance + support + help desk

Specialist. Certified. Trusted.

  • Technology Partners

  • Industry Certifications

  • Car Charged UK achieves ISO 9001 accreditation

The Car Charged UK network and mobile app gives you access to thousands of EVCPs across the UK and around Europe.

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