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Attract more customers with the EV charging points they need
Futureproof your business as EV adoption grows
Gain revenue from advertising and chargeable usage options
Get flexible pricing options to suit your budget

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What makes Car Charged UK standout

  • We are well-established, qualified and experienced EV-specialist installers
  • We’re specialists in commercial projects for retail, leisure and public services
  • We offer the complete package of design, installation and ongoing maintenance
    including infrastructure upgrades to any size
  • We are trusted EV installers for destination sites including pubs, restaurants,
    cinemas, hospitals, airports and tourist attractions

Your EV charge support packages

  • Ongoing EV charge support packages for a fully managed,
hassle-free remote back office
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go, contactless, lease and purchasing options
  • Easy installation where the only upfront cost is the installation of a suitable
    power supply for the charging point
  • Autoload management using intelligent controls and settings tailored to your business.
    These control outgoing power to the electric vehicle to prevent potential
    electrical overload, power loss or business disruption
  • Your choice of charging units with Internet access LAN or GSM if LAN is not available
  • Regular portable health and safety testing as per legal requirements
  • Hassle-free maintenance and a long-term warranty

The Car Charged UK mobile and network app enables drivers to find EV charge points, book charge point and pay for usage.

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