Wireless Charging

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  • No charging cable required to reduce visual impact

  • Achieve efficiencies up to 93% for a fast and easy charge

  • Charge quickly and hassle free from the comfort of your own vehicle

  • Charge wireless or wired with built-in dual technology

So what is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging allows you to charge your vehicle from the comfort of the driver’s seat. The technology uses inductive charging with the transfer of electricity from a magnetic coil in the ground transmitter pad to another located in the receiver pad on your vehicle. Once the coils are aligned, the user can activate a charging session and enjoy a fast charge with efficiencies of 88-93%. Contact us today to enquire about wireless charging and secure your kit.

Dual Charging Technology

The equipment offers both a wireless and wired charge
This is ideal as an ongoing solution for the future of car parks, allowing you to cater for all types of vehicles and charge types. As a result, EVs without wireless capabilities can still make use of the charging station so that it is always in use.

No wires = No visual impact

Wireless technology means less hassle with wires
Wireless charging technology can deliver low-cost and scalable charging solutions for the UK’s current 8M EV owners with no access to off-street parking (DFT forecast). Our solution can link on-street parking to any nearby houses, taking advantage of low-cost charging.

The step by step process of wireless charging:

  • Step 1:
    Finding a charger

    • Open up the relevant charging mobile app to show nearby chargers
    • Find your closest wireless charging station using the app
    • Travel to the site

  • Step 2:
    Connecting to the charger

    • Align your vehicle with the charging pad using the mobile app
    • The app will inform you once the vehicle is aligned
    • Click charge to initiate your session

  • Step 3:
    Sit back and charge

    • Sit back in the comfort of your vehicle whilst you enjoy a wireless charge
    • The app will inform you of charging statistics
    • Once charged, click stop and drive off