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Here at Car Charged UK we have a focused commitment on helping to reduce the UK’s net emissions of greenhouse gases by 100% relative to 1990 levels by 2050, in line with parliament legislation. We are also committed to aiding society in the move to electric vehicles, in line with the banning of fossil fuel vehicles in 2030.

Car Charged UK hopes to play a large role in the continued rollout of electric vehicles through our roots as an electric vehicle charging solutions specialist. We continue to increase the number of sites in which we have installed and/or monitor electric vehicle chargers and their use to increase the practicality of owning a modern-day electric vehicle. Our endeavours in renewable technology are also becoming more widespread with plans to conduct work on projects regarding Solar PV and battery storage solutions upcoming, to ensure we can offer a complete renewable cycle of charging one’s vehicle.

We are a company who practices what we preach with all staff encouraged to drive an electric vehicle with us offering charging stations on site for convenience. Our office also includes a Solar PV installation which makes use of peak shaving and off-peak electricity tariffs to maximise efficiency. All new company vehicles (vans for electricians, company cars) are also electric and we use sustainable materials or recycle wherever possible.

We aim to be a net zero company by 2025 using all the methods listed and this is something which every employee within the company has a commitment towards.

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Car Charged UK’s EVCP consultancy services and delivery of an end-to-end solution including design and installation proved to be invaluable.

Their expertise ensured the best combination of rapid and fast charge stations for the many customers coming and going from this popular retail park. The team made sure that the project ran smoothly and with no disruption to business.

Owen McLaughlin, Director - Errigal Investment Ltd

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