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The Advantages of Financing

Flexible payment structures

100% financing available

End-of-term options

Reduced cost of ownership

Less outlay. Less risk.

We recognise the financial constraints faced when meeting EV charging demands within the current economic climate. CCUK works with world-leading finance partners to provide options to suit both your budget and project requirements.

Our tailored finance packages have been specifically designed for the electric vehicle charge point market and operations. The installation cost and EV charging equipment can be financed with customised, flexible lease purchase or hire purchase including pay-per-use and traditional finance options.

What we offer

Depending on the chosen financial package, it can cover key elements of your EV charge point installation for the duration of the contracted term including:

  • Site surveys
  • Site design and layout
  • Infrastructure installation
  • Hardware and equipment
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Site upgrades

Car Charged UK
Approved finance partners and brokers

Who are capitas?

Car Charged UK works closely with Capitas Finance in order to provide financial solutions to our customers and clientele. These solutions allow organisations to move ahead with money-saving projects immediately when capital budgets are not always readily available.

Capitas Finance specialises in providing products and services designed to help organisations implement sustainable, low carbon technologies and strategies which save energy and reduce the carbon emissions of said company. This in turn helps your business to align with the Government’s commitment to reach Net Zero by 2050. This is in line with Car Charged UK’s own mission which is regarding aiding the UK with its shift towards mainstream electric vehicle (EV) usage.

What services do they offer?

The two most popular financing options is either a Hire Purchase Agreement or a Lease. Both are similar options but, they do have subtle differences to exactly fit what your goals and requirements with the equipment are.

A Hire Purchase Agreement is a simple arrangement whereby you pay for your EV charger(s) in instalments and take eventual ownership of the equipment at the end of an agreed fixed term. It is an ideal solution if you want to own the equipment but do not have the capital available to buy the equipment out outright. Tax benefits such as ‘Super Deduction’ may also be available for selected customers.

A lease is where you pay for the cost of equipment over time, but you don’t automatically own the equipment at the end of the fixed term. The options at the end of the term are to either return the equipment or extend the agreement. This solution is best for customers who wish to treat payments as a revenue expense, have equipment upgrade options or do not wish to make an up-front VAT payments.

What are the benefits?

  1. Cashflow improvement: fixed periodic payments are spread over the agreement term so you can budget with certainty. Payments can also be aligned with anticipated savings/revenues generated by the equipment.
  2. Cash protection: no need to wait for capital to become available, as projects can begin at once whilst you benefit from low-cost borrowing at fixed competitive rates
  3. Flexibility of ownership: different options for ownership or upgrading to newer technology at the end of the finance term

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