Our Global Approach to Quality

4th December 2019

Written by Lucy Harper
Car Charged UK achieves ISO 9001 accreditation

Car Charged UK achieves ISO 9001 accreditation

Recently the Car Charged UK team was delighted to receive the stamp of quality with ISO9001. It means that our EV charging installations are supported by robust admin processes, which have been approved by QAS International. However quality isn’t limited to our back office, systems and support, we have a global approach which encompasses all aspects of experience and operation.

It ensures that the mark of quality runs through everything we do – including our range of high-end EV technologies; our expertise in EV charging network design. All this is designed to give our commercial customers operating, large, complex sites a robust, reliable and scalable EV charging infrastructure.

As an EV installation consultancy, we recognise that on the journey to nationwide EV adoption, with the opportunities that this presents to our customers, it is not enough to install and go. We recognise that in order to futureproof our customer’s investment, ensure its ongoing success and develop a sustainable EV charging network, it is vital that we consider all the key elements of the EV infrastructure.

Our global approach is based on connectivity, reliability, user experience, service, maintenance, site engagement and more. Each of these elements must combine and work hand-in-hand so that all stakeholders – customers, users  and suppliers alike –  can charge towards a greener future.

What does quality look like in our global approach?

  • Technology

We advise you on the best solution and one that is completely fit for purpose for your sites to ensure safety, longevity and maximum uptime. We’re not restricted to specific, cheaper, lower-end technologies.

  • Business model

We use a range of carefully selected, high-end technology partners. We are not tied to one supplier where short-term cost is often the only consideration.

  • Installation expertise

We have the expertise to advise you on how best to adapt, upgrade and maximise your infrastructure. Our strategic approach to design helps futureproof your EV infrastructure from the outset.

  • User experience

We make sure that your end users have the best possible experience via proven technologies including the Car Charged UK network and mobile app. It makes it easy to carry out key tasks such as find EV charging points, pay and reserve a space.

  • Back office support

We’re committed to ensuring the operational life of your EV charging infrastructure in order to keep equipment in top condition with 24/7/365 hassle-free, remote, multi-site support and aftercare. It means we’re here, just when you and your users need us for maintenance and replacement of equipment.

  • Open network

We enable other EV charging installers to join our network to ensure capacity and reach for our customers.

  • Track record

We have a proven track record of over 30 years in electrical contracting for commercial clients and specialist expertise in the installation of EV charging points. The quality and durability of our projects and customer relationships make us a provider you can trust.

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