EV Charger Grant for State-funded Education Institutions

Until March 2025, get 75% off the cost to buy and install up to 40 EV charge points if you are a state-funded school or educational institution

EV charging business opportunities

In a bid to enhance EV charging infrastructure in support of the 1,000,000 battery electric vehicles (EVs) on UK roads, the Department for Transport unveiled an expansion of the Workplace Charging Scheme which caters to state-funded schools and educational institutions. As a result, the grant they offer for the costs of purchase, installation and infrastructure of EV charge points has risen from £350 per socket to up to £2,500 per socket.

Is my Institution Qualifiable?

You are qualifiable if you are a UK state-funded

  • nursery,
  • school (primary, secondary or sixth form centre)
  • or academy.

What do I Need?

Additionally, the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) asks that your institution has

  • designated off-street parking,
  • received under £315,000 in financial assistance in the past three years.

Where To Go Next?

To be eligible for this scheme, your institution must use an authorised installer to establish commercial charge points. Car Charged UK is both a CPO and authorised installer on sites across the whole of the UK. We provide a free service that includes R&A, a site survey and feasibility study but we ensure our trusted and supported range of charge points are installed and maintained to a consistent standard. After which, you could also qualify for a fully funded solution.