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Lionel Mathia
Managing Director

Matteo Damiano BEng MSc
Electric Vehicle Charging Analyser – Tester – Programmer

Upon joining us in October 2021 Matteo’s role is to oversees day to day running of the CCUK wireless department. This involves him managing all the R&D and integration of new technologies/software faced by the department. Matteo’s university roots are within sustainable technology, where he became accustomed to the many new technologies regarding green energy generation. During his BEng and MSc at the University of Nottingham, he undertook 2 research projects involving Solar Photovoltaics whilst acquiring a fundamental understanding of energy storage systems.

Laura Bryan
Back Office Service Manager

Upon joining us in March 2022 Laura oversees managing all service level agreements and services regarding the CCUK backend. She is one of the first points of contact for our customers and can guide them through any questions they may have over the phone to assist them in completing their charge.

Lauren Walls
Back-office Support Manager

Lauren also joined the team in March 2022 where she has developed into managing, leading, and training the back-office team to ensure CCUK is able to deliver the objective’s and promises of the front office team. She also assists other team members with day-to-day duties and projects wherever her expertise is required.